Credit Audit Verification and Attorney-Facilitated Credit Restoration

Included in your membership is representation by an affiliated attorney to challenge the 3 major national credit bureaus and force the removal of derogatory information from your credit report. As a special member benefit, only extended to NCF Members in good standing, our affiliated attorneys will aggressively represent you with NO up front fees nor ongoing monthly fees. Your total legal fees are only $5 per deleted or corrected item per credit report; billed and paid directly to your attorney as a “correction fee”- payable ONLY AFTER YOU ARE NOTIFIED BY THE CREDIT BUREAUS OF YOUR RESULTS.

Free Legal Advice

Membership includes a membership into our National Law Club, a national network of over 25,000 attorneys in all 50 states. Most legal problems can be settled with nothing more than a phone call or letter written on your behalf by one of our plan member attorneys.
Members are encouraged to embrace the legal system and to make consistent use of our highly qualified attorneys who will help them navigate through life’s unexpected legal matters. Services included at NO CHARGE are unlimited phone consultation, attorney review of legal documents, necessary calls and letters by your attorney, simple wills for you and your family, advice on representing yourself in small claims court and help with government programs; plus discounted fee schedule, contingency fees, and hourly rates for more complex issues.

Free Bankruptcy Advice

We encourage our members to take advantage of all the protection our legal system offers to them. Members are able to use our highly qualified attorneys who will help them navigate through life’s unexpected legal matters, such as filing for bankruptcy. Members receive a free one-hour phone consultation and a review of any legal documents.

Anti Scam protection

We maintain a large database of fraudulent investments that you get access to when you join our system.  The system allows you to enter the name of the financial institute you are considering deposit money to and get a report on their business.  Some business are listed as fraudulent and should be avoided.  Other businesses have not yet been listed as fraudulent but have a list of claims against them that we are currently investigated. These business might be honest but you should be extra careful when trading with them until our investigation is completed.

This service can be very valuable when you invest in financial instruments where scams are common place. This includes investing in forex certificatesCFD certificates and digital options, also know as binary options.

IRS Defense

One of our highly experienced tax law attorneys who have represented numerous consumers against the IRS will provide advice. Members receive one free hour of a telephone consultation. Members receive discounts if additional assistance is needed.

Free Credit Card Search Service

Conduct an online data base search of all of the banks in the US that offer sub-prime secured, unsecured and partially secured credit cards. We guarantee to have you approved for a minimum of two new credit lines.

$5,000.00 secured Credit Card

As a Member you are automatically approved for a secured credit card to purchase computers and consumer electronics. Of course your positive payment history will be reported monthly to the national credit bureaus further helping you re-establish your credit.

Credit Reference Service

NCF will provide a written credit reference at anytime for current valid members.

Free Credit Reports

Members can obtain a free, no cost copy of their credit report at Those members wanting to know their scores to gage the starting point can obtain a report at roughly 50% off other plans by authorizing NCF to obtain one for you!