We are a nation-wide membership based organization. We help our members restore their financial reputations so that they can afford to buy the things they need.

We were founded by several senior directors with an average of over 20 years of experience in the credit industry. We employ an entire full-time, legal staff to assist our members through the restoration process, including licensed consumer law attorneys! Not only that but we provide a full range of benefits designed to enhance our members credit and financial situation.

Our members look forward to the feeling of…
Confidence from being re-inserted back into the credit economy
Excitement of seeing their credit scores bolstered to highest possible level
Acceptance from being approved for the credit they need and desire
Security in knowing that emergencies can be addressed less stressfully

“Our mission is to assist our members who have been through a financial crisis or who need a dramatic improvement in their credit score, improve their financial reputation, allowing them to achieve their credit objectives including home ownership.”

We accomplish this mission by providing members access to resources that are not normally available to the average “non-credit worthy” consumer, such as financing, banking, credit lines, professional legal assistance, and credit education.
We also help our members gain an increased understanding of the credit system, take responsibility for their financial dealings, and are ready to re-join the credit economy with a clean financial slate. Financial and consumer education better prepares our members to build a successful life for themselves and their families.

Our ultimate goal is to positively affect enough members and their families to have a measurable favorable impact on the economy of the United States of America.